Sunday, June 3, 2012

15 Minutes to: Flip a HUGE tire (at least) 40 Meters (with teammates)


20 Minute AMRAP:
Wall Ball 2-Fers (20#/14#)
Burpee Over-the-Box Jumps (20″)
OH Walking Lunges (45#/25#)

NOTE: Completed This WOD “Fight Gone Bad” Style As a Team of 3. Work Each Station 1 Minute, Then Rotate; Total Team Reps And Post To Comments.

12 thoughts on “Sunday, June 3, 2012

  1. Look at the new blog OMG!!! Look at it!!! It’s lovely!

    p.s. See you tomorrow.
    p.p.s. Jump OVER the box? Um …

  2. Super-fun workout in the new gym today! The gym looks amazing! And thanks, Jen, for humoring us with a fun photoshoot!

  3. 😀 I would happily take the position of blogger #500 if all 500 members (or however many we have now) would just BLOG.

    Blog, you CFRX members! It’s fun and oh so easy!

    p.s. Green and black go great together. That Jessica H., who designed our new logo, is a genius. And a CFRX blogger!

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