10 thoughts on “Sunday, June 24, 2012

  1. Hello, gym friends!

    Have decided to rest today even though the workout is not at all hideous. Ruth and I leave for the beach in the morning.

    Love you madly and will miss you terribly. See you in a week!


  2. 8 rds, little red band for regular pullups, 50# strict push press, 35# kbs

    I really liked today’s workout. I’m able to pace myself better for AMRAPs, no worries about being last or keeping up with the next person.

  3. 7 Rounds:
    1-4 Kipping pull-ups & trying my darndest to kip my chest up, feet on ground arms extended sub for “HSPU,” and 55# KBS
    I ripped on the 5th round of pull-ups, not.fun. 🙁

  4. Have fun at the beach, TMac!

    8rds+6 (2 abmats for HSPUs, everything else RX)
    So, I finally met someone who is louder than I am, while doing a WOD. Gene! We talked trash the whole time. 🙂

    120 CTB pullups within a 48 hour period has shredded my hands. No pullups this week for me. 🙁

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