Sunday, July 29, 2018


“Wheel of Fran”
Spin the wheel & complete ONE of the following, for time:
“Reverse Fran” (aka Australian Fran)
“Heavy Fran” (135/95 thrusters)
“Franzilla” (135/95 thrusters + C2B pullups)
“Double Fran”
“Broken Fran” (rest 2 min between rounds)
“Strict Fran” (triplet; Front Squat + Strict Press + Strict Pull-up)
“Frox” (triplet; add 24″/20″ box jumps after pullups, same rep scheme)
“Frun” (add a 400 m run after each round)
“Frow” (add a 400 m row after each round)

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