5 thoughts on “Sunday, January 27, 2013

  1. Three rounds of Eva off the clock with 20# KB and banded pull ups.

    Love the 800 from the gym to Iverson Park and back. Very pleasant.

    Steve and Ellie got a puppy!!!

    1. Next time this one comes up, I may do all 5 rounds with the group and see how it goes.

      Just checked the old site and found that before today, I hadn’t done Eva since December 2008, when the full five rounds, scaled (35# KB and bands), took me nearly 67 minutes.

  2. Not so great today. 15# bell (it was the only one left!) and regular pullups. Only did 3 rds. Should have gotten a heavier DB instead of being a wuss.

    30:38 for 3 rds

  3. 43:03 with 55# kbs. 55# kbs not as bad as I thought — next time we do this, maybe I’ll get out the big kettelbell.

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