Sunday, December 2, 2012

Great job Stephanie!! That’s some serious fitness…as RX’d 🙂


Double Unders
Ab Mat Sit Ups


For Time:
50 V-Ups
50 Supermen
50 Floor Wipers (45#/35#)
200 Meter Run with Med Ball (20#/14#)

14 thoughts on “Sunday, December 2, 2012

      1. Thanks you two :). Between winning an Emmy, running a marathon and now this, my head might not fit through the door on Monday… If the world doesn’t end in 19 days we all have an exciting 2013 coming up!

    1. You were MISSED today, cover girl!

      Annie: 10:54 Rx (Previous Rx times = 10:16 June 2011 and 12:20 May 2010.)

      Core extravaganza: 15:08

      In other news, I can now do crossovers!! Thanks to Hodo for the tip! Ha!!

      1. Given that I woke up in the dress I wore to Sue’s I think I earned a “get out of crossfit free” card for the day… Jessie & Amy are dancing machines!

      2. Where the hell did you find that song? That was awesome!This wurokot combines my favorite (KB) and my least favorite (push-ups). The row is just tongue wagging at us, but we should record our times for max effort on it.

  1. “Annie”
    13:46 – 3 to 1 singles for the double unders. Crossfitters if you have been there more than a month get those double unders or you will be called out by Coach Mike. I should have these by now..actually to be more specific it is past time that I have them. So OK I’ll take the challenge

    In better news, my first RX today on the other ab stuff! Yay!!

  2. Sues was a blast!! And Stephanie, holy crap, you are awesome!

    This was my fist “Annie”
    I usually avoid DU workouts-all you moms understand why!

  3. Liz & I are still sniffling along with the colds, but we did some running. I ‘checked in’ and did 3 miles. No way is that Gym Pact app getting my money, sick or not!

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