Sunday, August 26, 2018


“New Army Combat Readiness Test”
6 Events:
Strength Deadlift: 3 Deadlifts…increasing load each rep (assume 3 minute cap: 120-420# range. Use a trap bar if available)

REST 2 Minutes
Standing Power Throw: 10# Ball thrown overhead to rear. For distance. (one practice throw then two for record) (assume 2 minute cap)
-REST 2 Minutes
Hand-Raised Push-ups: AMRAP 2 minutes.
-REST 2 Minutes-
250-Meter Sprint Drag & Carry: 50 meter sprint forward, backward 50 meter drag a 90# sled, 50 forward, 50 meter double kettlebell carry (40# each), 50 meter sprint. For time. (assume 3 minute cap)
-REST 2 Minutes-
Leg Tuck (aka Knees-to-elbows): Hang from pullup bar and bring knees to elbows. AMRAP 2 minutes.
-REST 5 Minutes-
Two-mile Run. (assume 20 minute time to finish)

NOTE: 50 Minute Time Cap. This will replace the Army Physical Fitness Test starting October 2020:

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