7 thoughts on “Sunday, April 28, 2013

  1. When you’re a noob, every exercise is a “goat” exercise. It’s all about forming that beautiful love/hate relationship 😉 Thanks for coaching me today!

  2. The Open revealed and celebrated my weaknesses on gymnastics and body-weight skills, so I’m taking on double unders and toes to bar. Made good progress on Sunday morning but plenty of room for improvement remains.

  3. gracias to the 11 o’clockers for letting me jump in on goat day…i needed my dose of goatness…good times! 😉
    odd: 1 no-false grip muscle up
    even: 10′ handstand walk

  4. yay for goat day! loved it…

    front squat
    air dyne (sp?)

    trained my recovery between, as well as, some quasi-goats

  5. Yay, good to be back at the gym after a couple weeks.

    Goat 1: Snatch (catching in a full squat)
    Goat 2: Muscle-ups with false grip (until minute 12, when they kind of stopped happening)

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