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We are so proud of everyone who PR’d on their 1 Rep Heavy this strength cycle. Details of the next strength cycle are below. Here are the results

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We are proud to add Know Mayes to the coaching Staff. He’s been CrossFitting since 2019. Helped develop a CrossFit program for the Detroit Police Department and enjoys Karate


What does Rx mean?

When a workout is performed exactly how it was designed, we call it “as prescribed” or “Rx.”  Rx has three main components: range of motion, load, and repetitions/distance.

Range of Motion (ROM): Every movement in CrossFit has a prescribed range of motion. For instance, a pull up requires chin over the bar at the top, and straight elbows at the bottom.  A thruster requires a below-parallel front squat followed by a stable overhead position with the bar lined up over your shoulders/heels.  These movement standards are designed to build good movement patterns, keep you safe, and get you strong!

Load: We prescribe a load (aka weight) for all weightlifting movements. The Rx weights are carefully selected to elicit a specific response from the body.  When we design our workouts, we choose weights appropriate for our most advanced CrossFitters. (More on this later.)

Repetitions/Distance:   This is one of the most important aspects of Rx, because we rely on our athletes to “self report” in this category.  You are expected to complete the prescribed number of reps and cover the prescribed distances for each workout. For instance, if a WOD calls for 30 clean and jerks and you complete only 28 reps, you did not Rx the workout. If you turn around a few meters short on a 400m run, you did not Rx the workout. This is VERY important because your coach can see your weights and (usually) your ROM, but we can’t count every rep you do.

Why do we care about Rx?

CrossFit is one of the fastest growing and most effective training methodologies of the past decade.  A large part of what contributes to CrossFit’s success is the fact that each workout has strict performance standards.  The standards we enforce at RX accomplish the following goals:

  1. Help ensure safety;
  2. Build good movement patterns;
  3. Allow our workouts to be measured and recorded;
  4. Allow us to compare past results to current results;
  5. Allow us to compare our results with other CrossFitters worldwide;
  6. Ensure each workout has the desired impact (aka elicits a specific response) ;
  7. Help motivate people to get stronger, more flexible, and work towards Rx!

Who should Rx ? 

Our workouts are designed with the most advanced athletes in mind.  That means the load, range of motion, reps, and distances we prescribe should challenge a competition-level athlete.   It is expected that, on any given day, most athletes will scale the workout! We plan each WOD with a specific purpose in mind, and you should only Rx the workout if you can do so and still meet the intended purpose. (We try to give you an idea of expected time domain and how it should “feel.” If you ever have any questions, just ask!)

When/why/how should I scale?

It depends on the person and the workout! You should always work with your coach to determine whether to scale a workout or try it as prescribed.  Scaling is one of the most spectacular aspects of CrossFit, because it allows athletes of all levels to work out next to each other and push each other to higher intensities, by individualizing the workout to their unique abilities. We can scale a WOD in any of the three categories above: ROM, load, or reps/distance.

For example, let’s look at the CrossFit WOD “Karen” – which is 150 wall balls for time.  The Rx version of this workout calls for 20# balls and 10′ targets.  Many intermediate athletes are physically capable of completing “Karen” as Rx’ed, but just because they can, does it mean they should? Karen is supposed to be an intense, fast workout, ideally in the sub 10 minute range. If an intermediate athlete takes 25 minutes to finish it as Rx’ed, he/she is missing the point of the workout. We would rather have the athlete use a lighter ball and go faster, so the athlete gets the same impact as the advanced athlete doing the Rx version. Other options would be to scale the number of reps (100 vs 150) or the height of the target (9′ instead of 10′). Scaling is more of an art than a science, but we will typically scale in this order: load, reps/distance, then ROM.

Rx and integrity

This is a good time to mention again the importance of being honest with your reps and distances! If you only do 135 wall balls instead of all 150 required for “Karen,” you clearly scaled the workout. But if you don’t report “135 reps” on the board, you render your results meaningless! You will not be able to compare your current time with your future times (or the times of others) in any meaningful way. (What are the chances that next time we do Karen you’ll remember exactly how many reps you shorted it by??) The best bet is to just suck it up and do all the reps! Similarly, if you do all 150 wall balls, but you know that 10 of them fell short of the target, did you really Rx the workout? Of course not!  To earn the Rx you need to re-do the ones you missed, or change the Rx next to your name to Scaled. You owe it to yourself, your coaches, and the rest of the Rx community.



In the warm-ups, you will see Crossover Symmetry, Banded 7s, and Hip Halo options thrown in. Also, a little Hinshaw and Burgener Warm-Ups mixed in, so enjoy, and Here We Go Again!


Next Strength Cycle begins on August 15th

This cycle is designed to help gain strength and consistency in the Olympic lifts. We will work on Snatch (squat), Clean (squat), and Push Jerk. Through the span of 8-weeks, we will be performing sets at a set time (on the minute) to allow for adequate and consistent rest. Strength will be held to just 2-days a week with two lifts performed daily. After athletes finish their first lifting session, they will transition right into the next with little to no time wasted. This is designed for athletes to get good quality, high-skill lifts at moderate to heavy weights and cash out with some singular movement strength building to enhance their oly lifts. Along with 2 days of strength training, we are adding 1 day of gymnastic skill work with our primary focus on the rings (Kipping, Muscle-up transition, and Ring Dips).


In our strength cycles we use percentages. The working percent written are not hard numbers. Use the “Perceived Exertion Scale” and “Feeling”. For example, if it calls for 60%, think of it as 6 out of 10. 10 being, you can’t lift anymore than that. If 50% feels heavy then stop, because it feels like a 6. In addition, if the workout calls for an 80% day but you’re feeling a 7/70% then stop. That is you 8 for the day. On the other side, if you had a great nights rest, ate well and full recovered, chances are you may be able to go a little higher than what is written. Here is a video link with more information.


We have a 2-week break from strength, so it’s time to grind through some longer workouts (get excited). We start our week with barbell cycling that will test your grit and grip strength. Tuesday’s is another “steady grind” workout where good music and dialing into a moderate pace will be the key. Wednesday’s workout almost has an open feel where the only pace is to keep moving and see how long you are willing to hold on. Thursday has a lot going on, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Partner Friday workout, and it’s going to be non-stop for those who have the skill to match.ACCESORY / MOBILITY

We will have cool down and videos by Kelly Starrett, the Supple Leopard, from the Ready State for learning and to do on your own.

Yoga With Bee on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm is back!!


We have the following programs for you:

  • Open Gym Tuesday and Thursdays 5am and 1pm-3:30pm
  • BJJ led by Coach Nic at 5am Tuesday and Thursday. Please email him @ for details


Member Hazael Cortez has volunteered to organize a CFRX Soccer team through the Atlanta Silverbacks. Contact her at: or text @ ‭(706) 461-4546‬

Here is some details:

  • The league is called Silverbacks Soccer
  • Location: 3200 Atlanta Silverbacks Way, Atlanta, Georgia 30340
  • Games are played every Tuesday evening anywhere between 6:35pm and 10:15pm
  • Need 10 players, 5 male 5 female. They field 7 at a time with 3 male and 3 females + subs.
  • Seasons are all year long, about nine weeks long, and breaks during Christmas
  • Cost: $899 to enter. Cost will be split evenly amongst players. Plus cost of jersey. Individual price will depend on how many players we have. CFRX will donate $100 towards shirts and fees.
  • Next season starts August 9th.

Please email Hazael to sign up or more information.


  • Monday August 1st: Michael Shanlever, Donald Kirkland and Binh Nguyen
  • Tuesday, August 4th: Ryan Hill


6 Sign-ins/Days: Antonio Apanco, Ivan Parris, Travis Hill, and Ruben Rodriguez

5 Sign-ins/Days: Coach Danny, Bradley Johnson, Brian Sullivan, Don Cruz, Brad Cooke, Sid Slover, AJ Ramer, Bee Philips, Ryan Gesser, Zach Pousman, and Erin Gerstenzang

Please make sure to sign in using the Wodify Client app available for IOS and Android

Help us to run our classes better:

  • Register before you come to class
  • Show up 5min early especially if you need modifications
  • Let the coach know if you have any injuries or anything else that will require modifications. The coaches can help give you alternative movements to achieve the same stimulus.
  • If you are late, be courteous to the coaches and others. Please do your best to be on time.

Everyone is permitted to stay 10-15 minutes to do accessory or mobility as long as the class has the right of way with space and equipment. 

We love that everyone likes to stay after to socialize but be courteous to the coach and class by making sure you keep the noise level to a minimum.

Member Blake Riley is putting together the following:

The Maxed out games is a team competition created to put local competitors up against each other to test their physical and fitness abilities.

This is a 1 day multi-event competition that will challenge each aspect of your athletic ability.

You and your team can expect to compete in 4 events used to rank each team and bestow an honor meant for only the best.

In the end, only the top team will come out on top and be; crowned “Maxed Out” champions, able to show the world and other competitors how hard they train.

Email Blake for more information

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Feel free to email us if you have any questions or comments.

Many thanks,

Michael and Ruben

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