Saturday, June 16th, 2012

"Kings of Mud"


0830: “Yobility”  ($10 Cover for awesomeness)

1000: Team WOD

1130: Paleo Potluck & Free BBQ

10 thoughts on “Saturday, June 16th, 2012

  1. There once was a coach name of Michael.
    Liked to play and to climb and ride cycles.
    On his fortieth birthday
    we came to his par-tay
    to show him we think he’s delightful.

    Happy birthday, Coach Michael!! xoxoxo

  2. Thanks everyone for coming out to play today and for sticking around to chow-down! The balloons, gifts, hugs, delish dishes, laughs, etc. were exactly what I needed to survive the 4-0 milestone…you all made this b-day the best!! (and I scored some fantastic left-overs too 🙂 )

    After cleaning up, coach connor made me do a b-day wod:
    40 thrusters @ 140# for time. 5:12

  3. Coach Connor, way to go! I’m sure you needed that, Michael! We had much fun today. While I didn’t do the wod, anyone who saw me chasin’ after my grandone knows I got some work in! Thanks for the hospitality and hope you have a great birthday weekend, Michael. Happy Father’s Day, too!

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