Saturday, July 21, 2012


0830: “Yobility” Strength stretching and mobility for athletes ($10 cover)

1000: Team WOD

13 thoughts on “Saturday, July 21, 2012

  1. y’all need to work on your abs… seriously, it’s embarrassing…

    and please do not tell us what David is doing… some things are better left unsaid…

  2. @ Harold, don’t be jealous cause your abs weren’t there to flex 🙂

    And Liz…who knows?! I’d say ask Dave, but like you said….some things 🙂

  3. Was “yobitily” cancelled today? A few of us waited around for 15 minutes or so but nobody showed up (except a construction crew).

  4. It’s been more than 3 years since I was at Radial and saw my friend Terri running in the parking lot– she wouldn’t slow down — “I’m on the clock!” she yelled. I didn’t know what I was in for, but I’m glad she told me to join the madness! I heart CFRX for 3 years now. xoxoxo

    Oh, and the team wod today was . . . challenging. Liz & I had plenty of mods and finished in 28:34.

  5. Happy birthday Coach Poole!!!!!
    Today’s team WOD looked awesome, I hope I get to do it with a team mate next time. I did 1/2 of everything on the bored at 95lbs and all my pull ups were butterfly attempts( hilarious!)

    Huge Thank You to Meeks and Amy for watching Ruby-Lu while I finished up, that meant alot;)

  6. One more thing… Happy crossfit anniversary Joy! I meant to tell you that today;) also you am Liz were awesome that was a really difficult one and you guys just kept on going , awesome

    1. Thanks, Amy. You and Ruby-Lu were the awesome ones today, though! Liz was telling me how adorable your little one was with her sit up attempts!

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