13 thoughts on “Saturday, January 26, 2013

  1. Team workouts remind me of middle school gym class, which did not go well.

    Stopping by around 11:30 for a warm up and then going across the alley for a Tough Love Yoga class.

    In other news, dreamt I had a pull up bar in my cubicle at work and could do endless strict pull ups. In the dream I said, “Huh. Wonder why I can’t do these at the gym?”

    1. Terri – I thought same thing and then I went to my first team WOD and was paired with Jessie L and Jess H – nothing like middle school…

      Today my WOD is to act like a pirate as Tampa is invaded (and not get lost), run 4 miles to a wedding (literally they have us running in gowns) and then dance under the full moon.

      1. Ha!! You have some seriously fun friends!

        p.s. You are a MUCH better CrossFitter than I am.

        p.p.s. I’ve given our team workouts a respectable try. They make me sad.

        1. heya T
          lets chat about how we can make em better! We’ve been tossing around ideas (a second sat session, diff format, etc.) & would love to hear some fresh ideas 😉

          1. T, you could have been on team Joy + Liz today and it would have been great– it was a workout! xoxo

  2. Totally get it Terri. I’m not winning any contests but we’re only competing with ourselves! Working out with a team that’s better than me helped me push myself today.

  3. Dear Terri & Steph,

    Don’t let a little group of folks stop you from some team shenanigans… it’s good fun and most folks chill and have a nice time vs. go all out and act like an animal. Seriously, lotsa folks just want to laugh and sweat a little and walk away with a smile.

    Arrrrgh, to Steph… have a swashbuckling good time and don’t take any pics after the third cocktail… no evidence is my advice to my favorite buccaneer!


  4. Things I learned in yoga today:

    1. I am stronger than I realized.

    2. I’ve been calling Preston “Spencer” for as long as I’ve known him — at least a year; maybe even two.

    3. Preston is very patient.

    1. roger that…we’re rockin a 0900 & 1000 session as per usual.
      ALSO gonna have an informal bodyweight only WOD @ 1430 tomorrow in case anyone wants to show…it’s open to all & designed for some of our folks getting ready for the Spartan Sprint.

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