4 thoughts on “Saturday, December 8, 2012

  1. My WOD: As team of 2: Meet Matt @ Lowes 0700 & buy a ton of lumber. Carry it upstairs once at CFRX (cheated here & recruited Preston & David to assist). Frame out 14 foot tall, 10+ foot long, 5 degree overhung wall. Begin to drill new panels for new wall. Clean up tons of saw dust & lumber. Exit CFRX just after 8 pm. …PR!! 🙂

    …only regrets (a) missing our Team CFRX & Coach Kelly CRUSHING the Atlanta Affiliate League Comp (yes, we won it all. again. no big deal), and (b) missing the GSU Iron Pour because I was too tired to drive downtown.

    (clearly, i’m Not too tired to bring the boom)

    1. Michael, fantastic work! Not that I’ve seen it but I smelled something burning this morning! Sorry you wodded all day and night, but thanks!

      Liz & I loved the team wod today.

      So proud of Team CFRX for winning today’s comp!! But, hey, we need advance notice of these competitions so we can cheer our team on! Please don’t wait til after the fact! 🙂

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