Rowing Clinic This Saturday!

Postcard from this summer’s clinic…looks like fun!

Back by popular demand.. row, row, row your boat, part 2!

CFRX is hosting another rowing clinic where our rowing sensei, aka Cassi, will teach you how to master the rowing machine.  She says things like efficient sequence of movements and power application and eliminate wasted energy… sounds good to us!  Cassi comes to us with piles of credentials to back her sensei status and you can read about those here.

Sooo… want to give rowing a second chance?  Ready to embrace the erg?  We thought so…

Sign up today for the CFRX Rowing Clinic – it’s this Saturday at 11:30am.  Cost is $10, cash only, collected by Cassi at the clinic.

Class size is limited to 11 students and is first in, first served via our fancy registration system – the notebook on the door.  There are some very smart CEC folks already signed up but if you are slow to the punch, you other CEC peeps best get your name on the notebook to earn your bonus point!

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