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Happy Sunday Everyone!!


We are on Week 4 (slight de-load) of our Strength Cycle designed by Coach Burgener. The legendary “Coach B” Mike Burgener, is a Level 5 Senior International Weightlifting coach for the United States. He is a graduate of Notre Dame and obtained his MS degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Kentucky. He was a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. Coach Burgener is currently the head coach of CrossFit Weightlifiting. 


Yoga with Bee started last week, we apologize for any registering issues and hope that did not deter you from attending. This is a free class to you and does not count against your sessions. We’d like to keep track of attendance so registration is mandatory. As mentioned in last mid-week email. From the Wodify App, go to PROGRAMS > YOGA to reserve a spot in class.

Meanwhile, as promised, we will have ROMWOD active by the end of the week for those who want some additional mobility work. ROMWOD will be on the TV upstairs and will be self-led. More on this mid-week.


Starting tomorrow we will no longer place spray bottles and towels in the green squares. Please make sure you retrieve a spray bottle and towel to clean equipment that you used.


Let’s welcome the following new members to our gym family!

  • Wendy Derstine (recently celebrated a birthday)
  • Shalon Webber-Heffernan
  • Sam Slover
  • Karen Ehret
  • Fons Castro
  • Delanna Protas
  • Brian Sullivan
  • Andy Labnauskas


We have received and reviewed all the surveys. Thank you so much for the feed back. This is a great tool for us to make sure we’re doing all we can to make Rx great!!


  • Monday, June 6th: Grace Finney and Jefferey Balthazar
  • Friday, June 11th: Adiana Lloveras
  • Saturday, June 12th: Abram Singletary
  • Sunday, June 13th: Anna Solomon



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Michael and Ruben

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