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Happy Belated Mothers Day, 

Sorry for the late email


New strength cycle starts May 17th. (8 week cycle)

* The Strength Cycle will be another variation of the Burgener Cycle. Saturdays will also feature lifting for for those that want to squeeze in some extra work


Murph Prep Mondays for May! We will work through different Murph type workouts until May 31st (Murph).


  • Delanna Protas
  • Shalon Webber-Heffernan
  • Yamira Qurindogo
  • Brianna Williams
  • Myles Willis (correction)
  • Aaron Alizadeh
  • Miro Moutaftchiev
  • Charlie Miller
  • James Kizar
  • Jeffry Balthazar

(please email me if I missed anyone)


  • Wednesday, May 12th: Gregory Steigerwalt and Ruben Rodriguez
  • Friday, May 14th: Lydia Kolb

Please email us if you have any questions or comments.

Michael and Ruben

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