November 2020 Field Notes

October was originally planned to revolve around the Open, but plans changed, so we changed ours! We carried on with dedicated Skill sessions 1-2 times a week at least that put the brakes on and dialed in skill work for the following movements; Strict Hollow Pull-Ups, Squat Snatch Skills, Toes to Bar, Triple Unders, Muscle-Ups, Ring Dips, Handstand, and even found a new Max Height Box Jump! We tested and retested 20.2 on a quick turn around to see where and how many of you have improved with this dedicated skill work in just a short amount of time. We also stuck to our plan of seeing long conditioning workouts woven through the week, 25+ minutes in length, these help build capacity for the shorter workouts that we will eventually see when the time comes. As far as our testing was concerned, we saw a retest of our 3RM C&J and Snatch as well as Isabel and everyone’s favorite…”Death Row”! 

Going into November, we hit the rewind button from a couple months back and finish this year out in a STRONG (see what we did there) way…Wendler-esque cycle #2! Now that we all have gone through that entire first cycle, after many of you had been without strength training for quite some time, we feel like we’ve got our feet underneath us again in the terms of strength training. We will be testing, completing the cycle, de-loading and re-testing our 2RM in all three lifts again; Back Squat, Strict Press, Deadlift. Utilize those turkey gains as we push our strength to new levels and re-test in early December. In the Metcon department of the programming, we will be seeing the third installment of the workouts that we plotted to include 3x this year. Those workouts include a crowd favorite, D.T. , and NCFit’s very own, “Cali-Bear”! You can also expect to see the reemergence of partner workouts on the weekends alternating flipping back and forth on Saturdays and Sundays. There will be both a Solo and Partner version of these workouts as options to run.

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