Path to Membership

We do not offer any free or intro class but we do offer a free consultation during any of our classes that involves a tour of the gym and an in depth Q&A, answering any questions you have. Email us to schedule your free no commitment consultation.

You will need to complete our Fundamentals Program which will allow you to become familiar with our movements highlighting proper form, mechanics, technique and most importantly safety.

The program consists of 4 – 1 hour sessions with one of our coaches. Each session is $45

Here is a short list of basic skills you must know to be allowed in the group class:

  • The 9 Essential Movements and how to perform them correctly
  • The Hinge vs Squat
  • The basic gymnastic shapes
  • Mid line stabilization
  • Kip vs Pendulum Swing
  • Kicking up into a hand stand
  • The mechanics and technique of the Clean and Jerk and Snatch along with their 4 starting positions and 3 types of each.
  • Knowing the standards of the movements, 2 common feet position, the beginning and ending of each and range of motion expectations
  • Modification of technical movements.


After you book the session it will take you to our sales portal so you can pay for the session.


Once scheduled and paid you will receive a Booking Confirmation Email. Wear some exercise clothes with comfortable shoes and feel free to bring water and a towel.


Once you complete your first session, you will need to use the Calendly calendar to schedule your next session. No need to process payment, we can do it on our end.

Meanwhile, please feel free to email us at if you have any questions, comments or concerns

Michael and Ruben