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Happy Easter Sunday Everyone!

We are happy to announce so many things this week!


We are shifting our programming from Jason Khalipa’s NCFit to Rich Froning’s Mayhem starting Monday, April 5, 202. Each day there will be an RX version and a suggested SCALED version for you to choose or mix or match. Coaches are there to help with additional scaling if necessary.



– We are jumping in Week 5 of Mayhem’s 8-week cycle. Doing Basic strengths exercises and we will add some Olympic lifts here and there. 

– Weeks 5-6 lifting
– Week 7 De-load 
– Week 8 Max

– Since we’re jumping in the middle please feel free to start back at 60% (for back squats) and dial the percentages down for Bench and Deadlifts. Remember, those new to the gym or who do not have a 1RM (1 Rep Max), start very light and just work on form and only progress as technique under load increases. 


– This week’s workouts are moderate-high intensity. Look for more running workouts to be added now that the weather is getting better. 


– We will continue to offer Accessory as an added bonus each day (M-F). Warm-up, strength, workout are a top priority for the day so don’t rush and lose quality to get to the accessory. If time is leftover or you have a designated area (upstairs) please feel free to use but know it’s not crucial. This week we added in some mobility that will be good for a range of motion in lifting and soreness reduction.

Monthly Challenge:

– Watch for some exciting challenges in May


Lets welcome member now CF L1 Coach Chris “CC” Williamson to the staff. He will be there everyday of the week. Check Wodify for when he’s scheduled.


Tuesday, April 6th: Austin Cutler
Thursday, April 8th: Edward Sampognaro


We are very excited about all of this!!

Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions or comments.

Michael and Ruben

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