New Cleaning Protocol

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

Some of our equipment is starting to show some signs of wear due to the extensive cleaning, especially the bumpers.

In an effort to extend the life of all our equipment please follow the new procedures when cleaning equipment after use.

  • Please wash hands as soon as you come into the gym
  • Use hand sanitizer as often as desired
  • Bumpers are no longer to be sprayed and wiped. They may be returned after use. Coach will use the pump sprayer to lightly mist them for the next class.
  • Avoid direct spraying. Please spray your towel then wipe any equipment used: bars, rings, kettle and dumbbells, bikes, rowers, etc.
  • Vacuum and mop any chalk hand marks and sweat

A professional cleaner continues to come every Sunday and Wednesday evening to do bathrooms, floors, dust, etc.

Please emails at for any questions or concerns


Michael and Ruben

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