Monday, September 17, 2012

Get a Grip! Check out this vid of one of CFRX’s fav friends, former Navy SEAL, & outstanding coach/athlete Brad McLeod (owner of talking about grip strength training…then go Train Hard!


Complete the following in any order:

(A) “Double-Stuff Grip Test”
Farmer-Carry 2 pood Kettle-Bells For Time (yes, that’s one in each hand, must be moving for time to count)
Rock-Ring Hang (from middle position, no thumbs allowed) For Time

NOTE: Combine best farmer-carry time with best rock-ring hang time.


(B) “Eastern Promises”
2 Rounds For Time:
Run 1000 Meters
Row 1000 Meters

12 thoughts on “Monday, September 17, 2012

  1. 1:46 on the Double Stuff Grip Test
    22:08 on the run/row
    And, I just hope Kelly allows me back in the box after tipping the pail of chalk.

  2. Made up the run/row 9/18 at open gym.

    Still waiting for my thumb (which I cut with knife while slicing some fruit a week ago) to get back to normal.

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