Monday, September 17, 2012

Get a Grip! Check out this vid of one of CFRX’s fav friends, former Navy SEAL, & outstanding coach/athlete Brad McLeod (owner of talking about grip strength training…then go Train Hard!


Complete the following in any order:

(A) “Double-Stuff Grip Test”
Farmer-Carry 2 pood Kettle-Bells For Time (yes, that’s one in each hand, must be moving for time to count)
Rock-Ring Hang (from middle position, no thumbs allowed) For Time

NOTE: Combine best farmer-carry time with best rock-ring hang time.


(B) “Eastern Promises”
2 Rounds For Time:
Run 1000 Meters
Row 1000 Meters

12 thoughts on “Monday, September 17, 2012

  1. 1:46 on the Double Stuff Grip Test
    22:08 on the run/row
    And, I just hope Kelly allows me back in the box after tipping the pail of chalk.

    1. Ha!! I’ve done that more than once (not in the new gym yet, though).

      Should have come in today. Didn’t. 🙁

      See you tomorrow.

  2. Made up the run/row 9/18 at open gym.

    Still waiting for my thumb (which I cut with knife while slicing some fruit a week ago) to get back to normal.

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