Monday, October 22, 2012

Congrats Allison (new CFRX athlete) for winning the 2012 Garage Games!


Complete the following:

15 Minutes to Find a 5 Rep Max Bench Press


Run 5 x 400 Meters, On the 3 Minutes.

NOTE: For total work time (add all run times together).


5 Minutes: Max Rep Wall-Walks

NOTE: RX is considered nose & toes touching the wall each rep (think: “hollow-body”).

6 thoughts on “Monday, October 22, 2012

    1. yup, same thing 🙂 (until our climbing wall is complete, then we’ll need to be super-specific about those terms)

  1. Wall walk RX standard at the 8:30 class( and this is how you should so it too)
    -start in plank with feet pressed to wall
    -walk up
    -walk down
    -end in plank with feet pressed to wall( no dropping down from mid walk!)

    William and Stan kept me going! Fun fun 830 class way to go!!!

    1. That’s right, Amy. The hardest part is the last bit closest to the wall and the last bit closest to the floor on the descent. To be RX you need chest to wall at the top and return to floor without releasing the hold…ending where you started. Good job this morning.

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