Monday, March 31, 2014

We'll miss you Elizabeth!!
We’ll miss you Elizabeth!!


10 Minutes: Find a 20 RM Back Squat


“American Dream”
Up Ladder of:
Power Clean (205#/140#)
Muscle Up

5 thoughts on “Monday, March 31, 2014

  1. Oh, we will miss you, Elizabeth! Seattle’s fabulous, though, so have a great life there and come back to see us!

    1. Thank you Joy! I’m going to miss you too… Seattle is fabulous and I’m excited and terrified and all that crazy emotional stuff. I will be back to visit… my mom lives in Atlanta and you know she will demand frequent visits 🙂

  2. Did 14.5 today since I couldn’t make the party Friday. I’ve identified strength AND endurance as weaknesses. Any programming for those would be appreciated.

    1. So are we talkin raw strength, speed-strength, power, power-endurance, or straight up cardiovascular endurance? Were there any skill-issues confounding the relationship between expectation and physical performance?
      Come chat with me sometime & we’ll fix you up 😉

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