Monday, March 13, 2017



Front Squat
E2MOM do 3 heavy reps. All sets should be heavy. Ascend when possible.


“Bike Ride”
200/150 Calorie Bike for Time
*Every 2:00: 15 Sit-Ups


“Boat Tour”
200/150 Calorie Row
*Every 2:00: 15 Push Ups

NOTE: Two simple movements in today’s metcon allows us to push the intensity. Starting at 0:00 and on every 2:00interval we will perform 15 Abmat Sit-ups or Push-Ups. The higher the power output on the bike/rower the higher the intensity. The higher the intensity, the better the results. For the bike, try to set a base RPM for the ride and maintain that number for the entire 2:00. For the rower, try and maintain a base cal/hr. Shoot for something like 1250/1000.


3×25 Band woodchoppers per side. Pull light band from bottom of rig, keep arms straight.
3×8 strict TTB or leg raises

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