Monday, June 4, 2012

10 Minutes To: Snatch Pull 10 x 1 (that’s 10 singles), work up to 80%, rest as needed between OR Learn/Practice Snatch


5 Rounds For Time:
9 Clapping Push Ups
12 Pistols
15 Power Snatches (95#/65#)

Thanks to everyone who came to our Grand Re-Opening!! And gracias to our neighbors who donated nearly $1000 of free gifts for our raffle!

19 thoughts on “Monday, June 4, 2012

  1. Back felt a bit off in warm-up. Not sure if it was the snatches or last Friday’s jerks.

    Subbed WBs for power snatches in today’s wod.
    Pistols to a stack of plates
    ~15:30 or so

  2. Great to work out in the new space! Hated to miss the weekend festivities, but we had to be out of town.

    Snatches @ 45#, tried for plank pushups with hands leaving the floor at the top, pistols sitting on the black box. Time: 19:09.

  3. First WOD in new space!
    ~17:xx with 65# snatches, pistols to short box. Pushups were good.
    Feeling out of practice after a week of vacation!

  4. I loved how bright and welcoming the new gym looked at 6 this AM!

    17 or 18:xx, Snatches @ 45#, Pushups off a bench (tried to put a little hop in them), pistols sitting on the black box

  5. Snatch Practice: worked up to 85# squat snatch

    14:38 on the Metcon:
    couldn’t do clapping pushups, but I was able to get a little air on them.
    pistols to 16″ box
    65# snatches

  6. Lots of fun this morning! Cannot remember my time, but I worked up a good sweat for sure! Don’t forget about girls night!! Fingers crossed I’ll get a babysitter

  7. Ok! I’ll start blogging too. But my excuse is that I’m new and I was just waiting for the new space & site to be ready as well.

    Snatch pull: #65
    WOD: 19:08 (rx)

    This was a tough one!

  8. I will start blogging again in an attempt to get it back to what it used to be…
    20 rep BS-195#
    Bench 5rm -165 (f)
    Emom 8: HPC x 3 (155-165)
    AMRAP 12 (climb the ladder)
    1-power clean (135)
    1-box jump (24″)
    1-wallball (20#)
    9rds + 8

  9. Look at all the bloggy bloggers blogging!!! Yay!

    p.s. I need to get my behind to the gym and work out!

  10. About 90% back so worked on lighter squat snatches b/c the squat part is my biggest weakness on that move and the easiest on my bum leg. 65#.–need to keep core tighter.

    16:56–push-ups with air on most (no clap), pistols to 20 in box, 55# power snatch. Not RX but the right amount of hard.

    Love the new space!

  11. 22:55 65#, Pistol Squat to 20″ box, Regular Push-ups
    2 round snatches got me very winded 🙁
    Thank goodness everyone was so fast and working so well that it kept me from giving up! (4 days off was nice but a penalty my body felt today!) 😛

  12. snatch practice
    then push ups with a little lift to them, pistols to a stack of plates I forgot to measure, & 45# power snatches which were broken into sets of 5s. I think my time was 17:51. Liz did 3 rounds of some mods in about the same time. We had a great sweaty workout in the fabulous new space!

  13. Great groups tonight at 5 and 6 pm….it was a HOT one!

    You all need to blog your results…we love to hear what you have done and its a great way to record your progress!

  14. Something is off with our “website clock” because i promise I’m not blogging at 1am on Tues!
    I did a little lifting after coaching the 8:30am but no time left for a metcon. Bummer. Might have to double-up tomorrow!
    Love seeing all the bloggers.

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