Monday, June 25, 2012

First CFRX “Bring a Friend” WOD !


10 Minutes to:
Learn/practice Back Squat

Back Squat 5 x 3 @ 80%


5 Rounds For Time:
12 Thrusters (65#/45#)
200 Meter Run

33 thoughts on “Monday, June 25, 2012

  1. 125# back squat 9:25 thrusters and row 1300 meters, I’m getting a darn shin splint! Oh well rowing was fun. Thank you coach David for showing me how weak my core is;) kidding, thanks for teaching me a new exercise!

  2. Also crossfit aside, I am looking to move to Grant Park keep me in mind if anyone knows of a two bedroom available!

  3. 5×3 back squat at 135#.
    Metcon (Rx): 12:35. Broke most rounds of thrusters 6/3/3 to try to maintain proper form.

    1. Jud, you are such a stud… miss ya boo! I’ll be back to norm after the PRR. I did the 6am class I think, I wasn’t fully awake…

      1. Ouch! The 6 o’clock is rough. Did it once and thought was nauseous. Way too early! I applaud those peeps! See you tomorrow?

        1. If I make it, it will most likely be the 6pm… something about a 60,000 person race makes my life crazy busy…I miss the noon class!

        2. I would be at work around that time, expcet my ride canceled and the goddamn bus route changed. I’m not going downtown and looping around the entire city just to get to a Chili’s ten minutes away. Screw you, DART! “Excitement” isn’t the word I’d use. My default position is “cautious optimism”. Nintendo’s realized they can BS their way through press conferences and sprinkle a little footage at the end, and the fanboys will still jizz their pants. Microsoft seems to like the idea. The hope of a Zelda trailer is enough to keep my interest, though. *Crosses fingers*

  4. Pulled hamstring, went easy on backsquat at 75#. 10:43 metcon (can somebody tell me what that stands for? 🙂 ) thrusters at 35#

  5. No Back squats due to slight knee pain in both knees 🙁

    11:41 Mod WOD- 5 RDS of 12 Strict Shoulder Press 45# & 250m Row

  6. Back squat 5×3 at 175. That’s only 72% so a little on the light side.

    Metcon 11:28, RX.
    When we did this workout on April 4, we did it with a minute rest between rounds so not the same workout even tho both are called After Burner.

  7. 45# backsquat
    About 14 minutes for 4 rounds.
    Ran too far the first round.
    Not my best wod but I have become a poster 🙂

  8. 105# backsquats

    Had to do the metcon alone and in the stuffy HOT gym at 3:30 (didn’t know how to turn on the AC) Yes, I will use every excuse possible for my slow time 11:54 rx (oh, and I have I ever mentioned that i HATE thrusters – lol!)

  9. backsqts: 135#

    Metcon: 11:39 RX

    Slowed down a ton half way through round 3…didn’t feel so good-that month off is catching up to me. But I’m still happy with my time. Good fast 5pm group.

  10. Today was fun!

    backsquats- 105

    Run/thruster – 7:50 Rx. Got the second fastest time of the day. I think I could have done better if I had come to the 6am class instead of 6pm – it was hot!

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