Monday, June 17, 2013


Slam balls
Hollow rocks


“The Chief”
5 x AMRAP3
3 Power Clean (135#/95#)
6 Pushups
9 Squats

NOTE: Rest 1 min b/t Rounds.

4 thoughts on “Monday, June 17, 2013

  1. 3:18 Slam Ball/Hollow Body Rock

    25.03 Rds RX on “The Chief”
    I was chasing Amy L the whole time. Never caught her.

  2. Damn, Mike W!

    The Chief (12.06 Rx) was fun but disappointing how many reps I lost compared to February or even December. I’m going to chalk it up to getting 2.5 hours of sleep and all the slamballs, rest on Tuesday while y’all do the Commandant or whatever comes after the Admiral and Chief, then come back and hit it hard on Wednesday.

  3. 20 complete + 12 w/ 20# vest

    and PR! (not on the chief)…holds are finally starting to go up on the climbing wall! 🙂

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