Monday, June 11, 2012

The gang who showed up @ 0900 for the first WOD in the new space...Boom!


AMRAP 10 Minutes:
10 Jerks (135#/95#)
20 Pull ups
30 Double Unders

NOTE: Sub 2-1 single-unders or 1-1 “best attempts” for DU’s. NO Racks.


50 Ab-mat Wall Ball Sit Ups (20/14). For Time!

21 thoughts on “Monday, June 11, 2012

  1. 2 rounds + 30 reps (rx)
    My arms were jelly (and still are) after that one!

    Sit-ups: 2:21 thanks to YOU Radha!! Nothing like synchronized wall-ball sit-ups!

  2. DNF after 1 round with mods, ran 1 mile in remainder of time.

    2:12 on WBSUs (used 14# ball b/c we were out of 20s)

  3. Sorry to anyone at 8:30 who I told to do 3:1 singles for DUs. Oops! 2:1 makes more sense for a shorter metcon. Welcome Jenn (Brad’s wife) and Nicole, Erin’s friend who was visiting!
    Did metcon with Joey and Steve in between classes. 3 rds + 3 RX
    2:33 WBsitups 14#

  4. 1 rd + 45 reps (65# jerks, green or black band for pull ups, 2 for 1 step ups as DU sub since foot hurt)

    2:11 sit ups w/ 10# wb

  5. 3 Rounds at 115#

    Situps weren’t so good, 3:54. I was spent and too sweaty to hold on to that damn medicine ball.

  6. 2 rounds + 15 RX. Started out well but lost steam and didn’t have it in me to push it.

    Abmat WB sit ups with 14# ball: 2:59

  7. First WOD since hurting my back on Wednesday. Good to get some sweat on!! Ready to start hittin it hard again!! Got a good comp this weekend in Hilton head 🙂

    Happy fathers day to me!

  8. 2rds+9 75#
    I am resting a shin splint for the next few months. I did wall balls instead of DU’s.

    Had my little man Parker doing it with me!!

    Parker….2rds+24 15# (Kids RX pull ups!)

  9. Work kept me away today so I came to open gym @ 7.

    2 rounds + 5 with 55# and a band.

    Those weren’t sit ups! They were arm ups! They took me 4ever because my arms are SO VERY SORE. Started with 14# then dropped to 12#. Ow ow ow ow ow.

  10. Started with 85# but dropped to 65 for the second round…my shoulder was just not having it.
    2 rounds + 10 + 17

    Then did a little extra credit work:
    3 rounds
    6 deadlifts
    6 bent row
    6 hang clean
    6 front squat
    6 push press
    6 back squat
    6 pushups
    First round at 45#, second at 65# and third at 75#…we didn’t time it.

  11. 2 Rds + 12 (85#)

    Subbed Push Ups
    Also, I did DUs and on last round I got 18 in a row! 🙂

    3:47: 50 WBSit-Ups (20#, was the only WB left)

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