Monday, July 9, 2012


“Purple Box Drank”
4 Rounds For Time:
6 Deadlifts (315#/215#)
12 Box Dips
40 Double Unders

25 thoughts on “Monday, July 9, 2012

  1. 115# Deadlift. Subbed singles today for DUs. Maybe I need to shorten my rope. Not very strong on the dips.


  2. Nice job, women!

    Hey, 6 p.m. coaches: My back needs a sub for deadlifts today. I’m thinking front squats.

  3. 830 was fun! Super strong Pat was there to inspire all of us! Feeling alittle distracted today, absolutely should have been faster.

    165DL I did 3 sets of 2
    And 4 sets of 3 for ring dips
    Time was more than 13 less than 15?????and that was with a bathroom break( darn you DU) and a pony tail fallout/put up, like I said, feeling distracted;)

  4. Would any of you girls be interested in putting together a nutrition/ women’s workout day. Maybe we could do something one morning? Talk about the importance of what we eat and body image stuff? Also throw in a special workout. It’s just something I’ve been thinking about. Also give us a chance to hang out;)

    1. Amy, I think this is a great idea and would love to join. For me, it’ll just depend on the scheduling.

  5. 17:27 That was really hard! Did first 8 DLs @ 195# and then dropped to 185#. Still felt really heavy and I did them one at a time. All but a few of the dips at the end were without assistance from my feet. DUs were not great but actually better than usual.

  6. Did a similar workout at Crossfit Ocean Isle in NC today.

    3 rounds
    5 DL @ 135#
    10 HSPUs (to 1 abmat)
    20 box jumps (24″)

    Rx on the DLs was 315, but I kept it nice and light @ 135# to continue rehabbing my back

  7. My back wasn’t feeling it today…I think its still sore from yesterday!
    155 DL hurt so I dropped to 145
    dips got to singles – tried to get low enough on each one but I’m sure I didn’t on all of them.
    DU were a mixed bag, I’d get a string going and then miss after 8 or 9…ugh!

  8. Subbed KB deadlifts and did assisted box dips. Busted out 20 doubles during warm up, then tripped through the workout.


    Welcome to our new friends Aole and Akshay from Singapore, who tore this workout UP!

  9. 215# 16:00 Dips are not my forte but DLs were fun, DUs didn’t happen so, I switched to singles to keep moving. I have to work on pushing myself.

  10. 10:34. Subbed GHD for dead lifts – back and right arm bothering me. Dips with most weight on feet. Feel like I’m leaving the gym with a new injury every day lately but emily helped me modify this one. thanks Emily!

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