Monday, July 23, 2012

“Empire State of Mind”


10 Minutes to:
Deadlift 5×5 @ 75%


Complete one of 3 benchmark “Girl” WODs:

19 thoughts on “Monday, July 23, 2012

  1. I’m back! Still taking it easy but at least I’m there.
    DL: 5×5 @ 165#
    No WOD, rowed instead.

    Hope to see everyone at the rowing seminars!

      1. Corey, thank you for making my first wod at Rx super friendly, and the team work/support on the deadlifts perfect. I’ll see you Wednesday when you come back in.
        Kelly, thank man! I must admit it was nice to do a wod in my wheel house. I promise you my other bench marks are not like this. I almost wish it was something else, so I can offer a more realist appearance of my current load capacity. Anyways, I’m sure we’ll get there and can’t wait to grow with the gym!!!

  2. First day back after 2 weeks and it felt like it.

    DL @ 215 or so.

    Fran Rx in 9:08. Thanks for pushing me through it Reggie!

  3. Deadlifts #315
    Karen 6:57 RX and PR

    would have made the board if it wasn’t for Gene’s crazy time of 5:55, way to go buddy!

  4. 215 DLs
    3:08-Grace Rx PR!

    Kelly explained a strategy of not looking away from your bar. That helped so much after I did my first 15 unbroken, then 5 (wanted to turn around after those reps but I didn’t) then 3, 2, and ended with singles but putting my hands on the bar right after dropping my bar! Thanks for the tips Coach Kelly!

  5. Did Karen in 11:38? I did the first 80 or 90 with the 16 and switched to the 14. It’s an improvement over that open WOD, so I’m happy.

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