24 thoughts on “Monday, July 2, 2012

  1. 735. 14 rds rx. 15 rds @ 21 reps. 1 round breather – that was a mistake. Don’t take a break. Scale way down for a round if need be so you still get reps.

  2. This was super tough! Thank goodness I had Aimee next to me to pull me through! We did 10 rounds at 30 reps (5-10-15) and then dropped to 21 reps for the last 20 rounds (3-6-12).

    720 total reps rx.

    The 30 minutes goes by fast though!

  3. 798RX
    17 rounds or 5,10,15
    9 rounds of 4,8,12
    4 rounds of 3,6,9

    Thank you for the chalk coach street!

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  4. Not so good today. My heart wasn’t in it. Got three hand tears in round 18. 596 reps RX in 25 min.

  5. 701 Rx. Switched to 3-6-12 after 8 rounds. Push ups at high volume are totally my nemesis. Also, I think I had some calculator trickery this morning. I recounted my score again after looking on the blog, and I think I came up with something too high on the white board (whoops!).

  6. HOLY FRIGGIN COW BALLS! This kicked the living crap outta me! Definently one of the hardest ones I have done! I felt like passing out, but it is WAAYYY better than 2 hours in the gym acting like I am getting something done.

  7. Had fun with chelsea all day….and total side note, and total coincidence…..Chelsea our friend is back with a new baby, and this just so happened to be her welcome back WOD 🙂

    1. Ha! Chelsea for Chelsea!

      It’s sort of like how the Filthy Fifty appeared just in time for my 50th birthday. The universe has such a crazy sense of humor.

      p.s. Welcome back and yay for a new baby!!

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