Monday, July 16, 2012

“Give a hoot, don’t … leave your junk all over the gym”


“Fire Alarm”
6 Rounds For Time:
20 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
20 Kettlebell Swings (55″/35”)
200 Meter Run

Homework assignment:
Complete 7 Minute AMRAP: Burpees.
This should be completed somewhere in “the wild” (aka Outside of the gym) and blog your results.

24 thoughts on “Monday, July 16, 2012

  1. 19:36 RX

    So glad I did this in the morning before the heat set in. My time is faster than it would have been if I hadn’t been chasing Aimee, who really kept me moving. There’s no competing with her box jumps!

  2. 25:33, step-ups and 25# KBS

    Great workout! 8 wks left until due date, so I feel like its time to start scaling down a little more. My original goal was to do 4 rds, but I paced myself and went with a light enough wt that I felt I could finish out the last 2 rds.

  3. 24:58 RX + extra round–couldn’t count today


    stayed after and did some wendler back sqts/pp
    trying to get some weight lifting back into my programming if anyone wants to join me in the mornings

  4. Out of town, so ran 3.75 hilly miles in 35 min today. Did the homework: 80 burpees in 7 min. Feel free to suggest a good travel WOD for tomorrow!

  5. Enjoyed this one.
    Step-ups on 20 in
    44# x 1 rd then 35 # for next 5 all unbroken

    in 20-21 min range….forgot to look

  6. 31:04 sloooow but steady on the runs and jumps
    Scaled to 17-1/4″ jumps but otherwise RX
    All 35# dumb bell swings unbroken! Oh, and extra running since I was at the far end of the gym! 🙂

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