Monday, January 7, 2013


12 min to establish a 1RM clean (any style)
OR learn to clean


5 Power Clean (145#/105#)
10 Toes to Bar
15 Wall Balls (20#/14#)

33 thoughts on “Monday, January 7, 2013

  1. Max power clean 120 this AM. I have a lot more in me if I can drop under the bar!

    5 rounds even RX. Nothing fast about this one for me.

  2. Great 7am crew this morning — thank Emily for Coaching!

    PR’d my clean by 10 pounds at 165. Got 7 rounds and 24 reps on the WOD. Used the 20# Wall Ball and did 115# cleans.

    1. lordie, E, that’s awesome. Way to power up on the wall balls and big weight. Great to run into you this morn. A treat.

  3. PC: 115# mostly just worked on form….getting better

    AMRAP: 5rds + 3 RX
    did 15 T2B 1st rounds…morning brain fart

    Happy Bday Remy!

    Thanks Coach Burk for coming in this morning.

    1. I’m on day 6 now.

      I ate pretty clean before, but I’m actually starting to have the shakes from lack of sweet tea and french toast on the weekends. 1st world problems…

      Good luck on getting started Rooth.

    2. I’m on day 7 and today I’m having a hard time with the sweets, miss my Starbucks Chai! I’ve been cooking some yummy recipes so if you want to swap recipes/ideas let me know.

      1. I restarted my clean eating today, for lunch i had the doctor oz green drink that was on 60 minutes last night and it was really good. i think i might try a raw meal once a day. has anyone got any good recipes for a vitamix?

    3. Great, Ruth! I’m back to my clean eating also. My workplace starts a 3 *month* challenge this week & I’m gonna do my strict veggie primal – no sugar, no grains, no alcohol, reduced dairy.

  4. Lots of mods for me… but still a great workout!
    115# cleans (more than lately, but not a pr)
    AMRAP: 6 rds + 15 (85# PC, GHD & goblet squats)

  5. Gotta work on my clean technique! Been stuck at 155# for a long time, not for lack of strength. Skills class, anyone?

    20 minutes is a LONG way to start the new year!
    8 rds. @ 115#

  6. Miss the 6a.m. workout crew, but I have decided to take one more full week off to see if my back recovers from the strain (hopefully) I sustained a few weeks ago doing C&Js. Running and the pool only this week. Hopefully back next week.

  7. Happy Birthday baby girl! Momma loves you!
    What a brutal workout HOWEVER I did 90# power cleans! First time ever in a workout! 7rds + 23
    So glad Joy and Sarah H yelled at me when I tried to strip my bar down to 85. 🙂

    1. I will tell you to suck it up any day! you did an amazing job today. I saw you rocking your cleans towards the end of the workout like they were light for you! Keep kicking ass in the gym, Jessie.

  8. Well after tonight I can officially say I know what it feels like to take a wall ball to the face. There’s a joke in the somewhere….

  9. 110# this is about 3 pounds shy of a PR for me. It felt easy. I missed 115 but really just ran out of time. I’m excited to try this later.

    5rds + 22 at 95 (and I used a 10# WB). Not my best.

  10. 80# clean; attempted 85 & didn’t get it but I will soon

    modified the workout: 65# power cleans, V-ups, & attempts at good air squats against wall. 11 rds + 5

  11. #70 cleans…

    6 rds + 12. This was really hard for me for some reason but I like I can finally do toes to bars! Used a 12 lbs wall ball which is super heavy for me (so I say) and makes me terribly slow! Did the cleans at #55

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