Monday, January 28, 2013


10 Minutes to find a 20 Rep Max Back Squat


OTM x 20:
Odd – 200m Row or Run
Even – 5 HSPU

19 thoughts on “Monday, January 28, 2013

  1. 20 max rep back sqt: 115# think i could have gone heavier

    metcon: RX +
    10 HSPUs for first 4 rds
    8 HSPUs for last 6

  2. Well, I did 20 back squats @145# that felt pretty easy, so I did 20 more @175#. Not so easy.

    All the rowers were taken for the MetCon, so I used the Airdyne for the first time. My new least favorite thing! Yay!

  3. Back squats 125- should have gone heavier
    Metcon was funish:) 10 hspu each round and the run was a struggle each time.

    8:30 was a fun class today

  4. After a whole week off being sick, it was great to be back!

    Back squats @ 125# – still having shoulder mobility issues holding the bar

    WOD: rowing & HSPU RX – I sure do love HSPUs and it felt good to get back at it! Nice job with the 10 reps each round Amy & Jess!!

  5. back squats – 115#
    (thanks, Daniel, for urging me to put on more weight after I did the 105#)

    run/hspu (piked, off the box).
    YES – great 8:30 today.

    1. I mean, HSPU – on my knees, off the box.
      This was a gasser, “a goose,” as Coach David promised.
      I barely made it in from the 200yd run before hearing, 3 -2-1 GO for the HSPU. yowza.

  6. 75# BS for 20 reps, many of which weren’t quite low enough.

    Scaled the sprints to 100-ish meters this time so I could actually sprint. It was a much better workout for me this way. And fun!!

  7. Back after a week.

    165 on BS. Should have gone a “little” heavier.

    METCON – managed to do all rowing and 8 of 10 HSPU (all strict since still working on kip). 43 total HSPUs

  8. Kelly encouraged me to run(one of my goats) so did dumpster and back then box push-ups. Definitely will feel this one tomorrow.

    For squats did 20 reps at 45 then 65 then 85.

    1. p.s. I did pikes from a box, which do not suck.

      p.p.s. Welcome back to health, Joy and Cassi! And just plain welcome back to Bryan!

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