Monday, January 21, 2013

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first Powerlifting Cert…awesomeness was in the house a la Westside Barbell & Shane and Laura. Outstanding!!


10 Minutes to: Work up to 1 heavy power snatch OR learn power snatch


OTM x 20
Odd: 3 Power Snatch
Even: 6 Front Squats (from the ground, no rack)

NOTE: You choose the loads for both; Partner up with someone doing the same weights and share 2 bars

5 thoughts on “Monday, January 21, 2013

  1. Great WOD today thanks largely to great coaching recently from Emily and Burke fixing my form on cleans and snatches. It shouldn’t be any surprise that suddenly the movements seem easier now that I’m doing it right.

    115# max snatch
    95# snatch/115# front squats OTM20 and I should go heavier next time.

  2. Holy Hamstrings, Batman, CFRx kicked my glutes!!

    Thanks for letting me drop-in to my first true CF love, CFRx. Dropped in at the 4:00 crew, it was fun, fun, fun!

    100 pwr snatch
    85#/115# 3 pwr snatches/6 frt. squats


  3. 70 Power Snatch
    Started 3 Pwr Snatches at #65 took weight off on round 4 to #55 – Form was getting messy.
    6 Front Squat #75

  4. Bunch of fun with the 4pm crew, too.
    105# power snatch. Metcon at 85/115 with Jessica.

    PS the new CFRX shirts are TOTALLY BOSS! I love me some mustaches.

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