Monday, December 17, 2012

Congrats to our 2 CFRX Teams that competed @ the 2012 Reindeer Games!


5 Rounds for time of:
20 Pull ups
30 Push ups
40 Sit Ups
50 Squats

NOTE: Rest exactly 3 minutes between rounds.


25 thoughts on “Monday, December 17, 2012

  1. Yay teams!!!

    p.s. This is a good looking bunch.

    p.p.s. In other news, as an older person in our young gym full of major athletes, I often lose sight of the point. An article on the affiliate site brought me back this morning:

    Scaling, it says, “isn’t a dumbing down of CrossFit, it’s the hallmark of great coaching. … If you’re of the mindset that you and those around you MUST go Rx on the WODs, then you need an attitude adjustment. After all, scaling is the norm, not the exception.”


  2. Way to go Team RX!!!!! You guys are kicking some major butt!!!

    On another note….CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS WORKOUT!!! 🙂

  3. 28:08 for all 5 rounds. I remember doing this, this past February and could not finish.

    I am stoked I got through it all!!! Thanks to CrossFit RX!

    1. Way to go! You were fighting thru the pain this morning! 8:30 was fun


      To whom ever does this workout later in the day, don’t cheat your rest, that’s cheating;) also the push ups suck

        1. Ok Brit here what you do
          Pull ups- set of 10 two sets of 5
          Push ups- set of 10 and 4 sets of 5
          Sit ups- unbroken( yours are very very fast, this is where you get me)
          Squats- unbroken

          That what I did, you will really like this one and you can FLY!! As far as rest, you have to take all three minutes, because if you do not your over all time changes which means you cheated!
          And I would suggest writing down your times for ech round- time you finished and time you start again after 3 MINUTES of rest.

          You’re going to be great

          1. i need to make this up-maybe tomorrow i’ll do a double wod day. i was sick the past few days. good job!!

  4. I would like to do this. Still debating. I have a bruised rib from last weeks bar muscle ups. The pull-ups may aggravate it. Thoughts?

    1. You could sub body rows for the pullups… that might be an option. Just make sure you are parallel to the floor to make them challenging (i.e., no incline or minimal incline). The body row is another pulling motion so you are subbing with an appropriate mod.

      I want to say Kelly let me sub kbs for pullups once but I’m not 100% sure on that… so maybe a second option if the body rows aren’t feasible?

  5. I’ve been avoiding Barbara since May 2010, when it took me 30:22 to do three rounds (assisted pull ups and knee push ups).

    Today: 4 rounds in 36:45 (same mods except the first round was hand-release).


    p.s. to Amy L: 17:27?!!! Holy cow THAT’S FAST.

  6. I have this theory about “benchmark workouts” – the longer the name the harder it is. So Barbara, you better watch out because my name is longer and you just motivated me to earn a benchmark naming…

    38:04 – Barbara is a B

  7. Barbara

    32:40 for 5 rounds. We were aiming for Amy Levens style which translates to the fastest of the fast. But alas tonight it was not meant to be….

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