Monday, August 27, 2012


“Goat Mash Up”
20 Minutes to: pick & practice two movements you want to improve on.
Odd minutes: 1-10 reps of movement 1
Even minutes: 1-10 reps of movement 2

Post movements, weight (if applicable), and rep scheme.

8 thoughts on “Monday, August 27, 2012

  1. Worked on catching the snatch in a squat position and jumping muscle ups. Thanks, Emily, for all the help, especially on the snatches!

  2. 1: 3 x jumping muscle ups
    2: 6 x toes to bar – worked on stringing them together and definitely succeeded in getting the rhythm down finally! Thanks Emily!

  3. 1: double unders – I strung together around 9 for the first time. Now, if I can learn to count AND do DUs at the same time.
    2: pull-ups. Feeling stronger – up to 7 consecutive now.

  4. Ring dips with blue band- 6 reps (slowed down to 2 or 4 in later sets), handstand pushups with knees on box (8 reps). Then 100 sit up in 5:24, sub for run.

  5. 2 HSPUs (no abmat)
    7 toes 2 bar
    All HSPU unbroken, managed T2B unbroken for first 5-6 rounds.

    Mile: 6:26
    backwards loop: mell-iverson-candler park drive – mcclendon – brooks – dekalb – mell

  6. HSPU & Pistols. I really enjoyed this! Made a ton of progress with my HSPU’s and showed my pistols who’s boss!

  7. Snatch balance 95# Reps of 2,2,2,2,1,1,1,1,1,1
    Front Squat 175# 2,2,2,2 then 185# 1,1 then failed at 190# on 7th set dropped back down to 175# to finish the Mash Up.

    Tough Tough Tough (Wished all my FT Sqts were legit straight down and up-gotta keep working on them!!)

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