Monday 200413

CrossFit Rx – CrossFit



Join us for a coach-led @ home Zoom workout!! Click on the link below to hop in on the fun.



Meeting PW: 577693

Metcon (Time)

Every minute for 12 minutes (3 rounds):

Minute 1

Front Plank for 30 seconds

Minute 2

12 Single Leg Glute Bridges

Minute 3

Side Plank Hold on Hand for 20 seconds

Minute 4

12-16 Tuck Ups


6 Rounds for Time:

75 Double-Unders
Run 200 meters
15 Burpees (or 15 push press) 
Run 200 meters


Cool down thoughts:

Hopefully the uncertainty of the last 3-4 weeks has shifted a bit into more of a predictable routine. Now that you have a better grip on what your day-to-day priorites are, I want you to try to include something that’s JUST for you – something simple that doesn’t take a lot of time, like reading for 15-20 minutes or making time to stretch in the mornings or evenings

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