Let’s Raise the Bar!

WHAT: OLY Lifting Seminar

WHEN: Saturday, September 15th from 0900-1530

WHERE: CFRX!!! (duh)

Presented by Caleb Williams
Peak Performance Weightlifting

Join us for an intensive, hands-on Olympic Lifting Seminar brought to us by some big guns who will teach us everything we need to know about our beloved OLY lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk.  Our hired gun for the day is Caleb Williams – as in National Champion, IPF World Champion and World Medalist, world record holding, internationally ranked Caleb Williams.

What’s in store for this one-day can’t miss event? Caleb will lead us through:
Proper progressions
Techniques from different positions
Assistance exercises
Coaching cues
Mobility exercises specific to the movements

All that and so much more in a hands-on environment… this isn’t your college lecture nonsense; this is the real deal with people moving and learning. In fact, you will WOD twice during your seminar so Caleb can provide real-time feedback for each lift while the weight is in your hands. Boom!
Who can attend?
Anyone who wants to improve. It’s that simple. The seminar is structured to accommodate those folks new to the movements along with vets who need a tiny tweak to hit a PR.
How much? That’s what we really want to know… Contact Kelly ASAP to find out more & register before the 25 athlete cap is reached!

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