Laurie Freeman

Our Athlete of the Month is Laurie Freeman! Let’s meet Laurie…

“Laurie has been one of the the most consistent members at Rx for the last 2 years and her progress in the gym speaks for itself. Not only is she one of the most coachable athletes I’ve worked with but she also actively seeks more coaching and improvement by regularly attending ‘Skills class.’ “  –Coach Jeremiah

“Laurie joined us a few years ago. I remember asking her how things were going and how she was liking the gym and Crossfit in general. I believe her response was something like, “well you got me for 6 more months!” She has been working hard and doing great things both in and out of the gym ever since, and it shows! We are all happy that she chose to stick around and be such a great addition to our gym.” -Coach Kelly Levens

1. How long have you been doing Crossfit? Just under 2 years.  And how long have you been at Crossfit RX? Same

2. Why Crossfit?  At that time, I was a couple months away from turning 40, had gained 15 lbs in that year, and my usual gym routine was not working.  I told my husband that I thought it was time to join Crossfit and he offered to pay for the first year as my 40th Birthday present cause he knows I am cheap and that the thought of spending that money was the only thing holding me back.  He is a sweetheart, I know.   Literally the gift that keeps on giving.

3. What are some of your hobbies outside of the gym? Whitewater kayaking and mountain biking.

4. Favorite and least favorite movements? I HATE RUNNING and Snatches of course.  I like front/back squats and any lifting that does not require the coordination of the Olympic lifts.

5. Name one thing you’ve accomplished in Crossfit, and name one goal you are currently chasing. I finally got kipping pull ups and can sometimes string them together.  I would like to work on a handstand pushup or even a handstand.

6. Favorite food or meal? I love Garlic; raw, roasted, broiled, whatever.  If we are talking about a meal though, I would say fried shrimp.

7. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I am extremely thrifty.  I hate “stuff”.  I hate shopping for ANYTHING, except biking and kayaking gear, I can blow some dough on that kinda stuff.  Yet I buy all of my office clothes at thrift stores and brag about how cheap they were to my coworkers.   Knowing that, most people would be surprised to know that my cheap ass has paid for two separate Crossfit memberships for several months at a time while out of town visiting my husband so that I can have access when I am both home and with him.  That is how much Crossfit means to me.  It is worth every penny.

8. Favorite piece of advice you’ve gotten in Crossfit? Keep moving.  As hard as it is to keep moving sometimes, I found this to be so true because it is so much harder to start back during the WOD after completely stopping or resting for a longer period of time verses if I just keep moving, no matter how slow.

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