Kellum Welton

Our Athlete of the Month for February.. Kellum Welton

“Kellum is the kind of guy you genuinely enjoy being around. He always comes in smiling; he’s down for whatever, he’s super open to guidance and coaching and he works hard. Most importantly though, he’s not afraid to make fun of himself and can take the constant jabbing that often occurs at 6am. You can often catch him hanging around after WODs doing 1 million DUs and something with a KB. Just because…” – Coach Erinn

“Kellum is one of our tried and true 6am’ers. As I’m driving up almost every day I’ll pass him on his daily mile run before class. Kellum does all of the programmed work, core and finishers included, and then extra work on top of that. Also he drives a good ways to be here which speaks to the quality of the culture we have at RX of which he is a large part. We need more Kellum’s.” – Coach Guy

1. How long have you been doing Crossfit? And how long have you been at
Crossfit RX?
Crossfit RX is my one and only. I started November 2016, so about 15 months.

2. Why Crossfit? I had been going to the regular ole gym and lifting weights
on week day evenings for years. I was looking for a new way to start my day and wanted to start working out in the mornings, but needed a change to get me there. Ive always done my own thing working out and was not looking for group training or anything that involved a class structure, especially early in the morning. However, this has been the greatest gift crossfit has given me. I love the 6am crew and look forward to seeing them every morning.

3. What are some of your hobbies outside of the gym? I lived in Denver,
CO for two years and grew to love anything that involves the mountains. Skiing is my biggest passion. It’s one of the few things Ive found where I can scare myself and remain under some control. Also hiking with our dogs, yoga, cycling, and cooking.

4. Favorite and least favorite movements? One of my favorites is everyone’s
least favorite; the assault bike. I actually have one at home now. My other favorite is power cleans. I thoroughly enjoy the feeling and speed of catching the barbell on your shoulders once you’ve flipped your elbows underneath. Least favorite is rope climbs. I’m always bleeding afterwards.

5. Name one thing you’ve accomplished in Crossfit, and name one goal you
are currently chasing.
When I first started crossfit I couldn’t do a single double under and it really bothered me. So I started working on them weekly, which turned into daily. Now they’re one of my favorites. It’s tough to name just one goal I’m chasing so I’ll name a few: butterfly pull-ups, bar muscle ups, clean 275, 60 cals in 1 minute assault bike.

6. Favorite food or meal? I have two tied for first: rack of ribs and hibachi.

7. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I’m pretty ocd, but many probably already know that. I’m also scared of cold water.

8. Favorite piece of advice you’ve gotten in Crossfit? This is coach Guy inspired by way of Jocko Willink’s book, Discipline Equals Freedom on how to deal with setbacks, failures, delays, defeats, or other disasters. From big to small. When things are going bad there’s always going to be some good that will come from it, but only if you focus on that good. It’s your choice to either focus on the good or bad of all situations. When things are going bad don’t get bummed out or frustrated. Just look at the issue and say, Good. For example: Broke your ankle/leg? Good. Needed to work on balance and mobility for a couple months. Unexpected problem comes up? Good. We have an opportunity to find a solution. Etc.

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