Kayleen Whitmer

We are so excited to announce Kayleen Whitmer as our May Athlete of the Month! Kayleen is a ladies class veteran. She is a total bad ass, inside and out, and her perseverance is truly admirable. We are so lucky to have you as part of our community, we love you!

“The way you returned with such grace and strength while continuing to heal mentally and physically is awe inspiring. You, my friend, are a beautiful badass”-Jen Pete

“Kayleen is a constant reminder that no matter what your battles are, that giving up is not an option..that is true in the gym and outside of the gym. I have mad respect for that woman and as a fellow Atom, I’m so proud to have her in the Atom club”!– Nesa K.

“Kayleen inspires me every time I get to work out with her! Her running and dumbbell skills are #GOALS, not to mention the positive attitude she brings with her every day!“-Allison

“Kayleen is awesome! Not just because she out runs everyone all the time either. Outside of class, she is a lady to admire. Kayleen you have big shoes to fill taking Nesa spot as ATOM, I know you will not let me/us down”- Coach Amy Levens

1. How long have you been doing Crossfit? And how long have you been at Crossfit RX? 7 yrs I think, 4 at CFRX

2. Why Crossfit? The competitive side of the workouts while keeping it new and exciting…and the community

3. What are some of your hobbies outside of the gym? Anything on the water, biking, enjoying my kiddos

4. Favorite and least favorite movements? I really like snatches, hate overhead squats

5. Name one thing you’ve accomplished in Crossfit, and name one goal you are currently chasing. Working out through 2 pregnancies until the very end and bouncing back as soon as the doctor allowed. Finding the balance of life with the gym. Making sure I get to the gym 3-5 times a week (I almost always have at least 1 baby/toddler with me)

6. Favorite food or meal? Salmon and veggies or a tasty salad

7. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I grew up on the water and learned how to waterski when I was 5 years old and learned to barefoot around 13 yrs old.

8. Favorite piece of advice you’ve gotten in Crossfit? I’d say it’s a concept rather than a piece of advice… No one has said this to me, but it’s clear…you get more out of CF than you realize. You can see the physical changes your body makes but the mental strength and the strength of the community are just as important.

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