Just the Skinny — CEC Stats

Talk about impressive… those challengers sure do look fit and trim and these statistics are the poof.  Standby as we will announce the overall male and overall female winner at the end of the week!

4 thoughts on “Just the Skinny — CEC Stats

    1. Opps, one more thing… when the winners are announced, all rankings will be posted too. So everyone can see how they did and how the scoring was tabulated — full disclosure. But, nobody’s personal numbers will be published (i.e. your actual body fat %) just the improvement percentage.

  1. Those stats reflect all folks who participated, i.e. those who did not quit. Keep in mind, some people did not do both body fat tests or I didn’t have two FGB scores but I had 2 body fat tests etc. So the number of challengers varies based on category.

    I think what most people want to know is how many people paid. That answer is 39.

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