Helpful Links, Workouts, Kipping HSPU, Birthdays, and Preview

Happy Sunday Everyone and Welcome to Week 40 of 2021!! 

  • 35 Days until Halloween
  • 60 Days until Thanksgiving
  • 90 Days until Christmas

Please make sure to sign in to reserve a spot in class and cancel as soon as you know you cannot make it.

We are still capping in class attendance to 14, be prepared to work out outside. Anyone has the option to work out outside. Workout and equipment may need to be modified.

Here are some helpful links:


2nd Dead Week. New cycle begins on October 4th.


  • Pull on Monday + Wednesdays
  • Throwing in some bodybuilding movements to fill in the day


Kipping Hand Stand Push Ups


  • Tuesday, September 28th: Valerie Nowell and Tim Fabrizio
  • Friday, October 1st: Sigurn Kraehe and Ian Margot
  • Saturday, October 2nd: Ari Tomassetti
  • Sunday, October 3rd: Lenet Rivas

* Please make sure your birthday is correct in your profile 🙂



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Michael and Ruben

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