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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!!

We have a busy week coming up, continuing with our Week 5 Strength Series by Burgerner


DUMBBELLS: Please make sure to not drop them from over head unless it involves keeping you safe. The heads of the dumbbells are only attached by glue and the impact from dropping them may loosen the adhesive which may cause damage which will lead us to having to replace them

ROWERS: Please make sure when storing the rowers you push the display back and remove the handles from the cradle to let them rest at the base


Starting tomorrow, we’re adding the 7:30pm class for Monday through Thursday only.


  • Monday, June 21st: Katie Steigerwait
  • Tuesday, June 22nd: Heather Ramer
  • Wednesday, June 23rd: Anupama Tadanki, Melissa Hall, and Will Johnston
  • Friday, June 25th: Simeon Woods

Please wish them a Happy Birthday if you see them


Please email us if you have any questions or comments.


Michael and Ruben

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