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Hello Everyone and Happy 4th of July!!


Last Week, Max Week!!! Week 8 (8-week cycle). A lot of 1×1 aka 1RM aka 1 Rep Max. Whether you’re new or seasoned, knowing your 1 Rep Max on lifts is important because as you’ve probably scene on strength days we work off percentages of your 1 rep max. Please do not add pressure to lift heavy. Remember form over weight.

After this week we will have a 2-week break from a set strength and then we will begin our new cycle on July 26th. The next cycle will be more traditional lifting and Olympic will be mixed in throughout. During the 2 weeks off we will do basic lifting in the metcons to deload a little.


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We’ve had some great attendance to Bee’s Yoga. We are capping the class to 8. Be sure to reserve a spot through Wodify and if you reserve and cannot make it be sure to cancel your reservation. Email us if you have any issues reserving a spot


Please be sure to reserve a spot in class and to cancel if you cannot make it. This allows us to track attendance.


  • Tuesday, July 6th: Daniel Alberts
  • Wednesday, July 7th: Josh Thompson
  • Friday, July 9th: John Alberts and Mario Gurrola


Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or comments

Michael and Ruben

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