**Get your mobility on!**

Our own Dr. Greg C. Graham will be providing movement & mobility consultations as well as soft tissue treatment at CrossFit RX


Tuesday, 18 March, from 4:30-7:00 pm.


Wondering if a movement & mobility consultation is right for you? Do you….
Have a nagging injury that doesn’t seem to be getting better?
Feel like you are not seeing any improvements in strength or ability after spending months in the gym?
Have a specific movement you just can’t do and don’t seem to be making any progress?
Or maybe you just need a little help getting through the last 2 weeks of The Open?
HOW (much):
Cost: $35 (20 minute session, includes consult & necessary treatment/instruction)
For more information about services provided visit our website: www.midtownlifestudio.com/performance.html

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