**Get your ERG on!**

Erg Sprints

The 2015 ATLANTA ERG SPRINTS will be on Saturday, February 21st!
Georgia Tech – Atlanta, GA

Here’s a cool event in our own backyard…the Erg Sprints are great way to test your speed on the rowing machine against some real rowers and try something new. They’ll have 500 meter races, 1000 meters, and 2000 as well! You can row more than once and if you can gather a team of 2 guys & 2 girls, you can also do a relay! It’s a ton of fun and a new challenge!

Registration price until Sunday, February 15, is just $15 bucks! Act fast because late fees apply February 16-17…so you’ll be paying $25 to play. If spaces are available, you could also wait until race day and sign up at the event…but this is subject to erg availability.
Registration, payment and waivers will ALL be done online through RONIN Racing.

For more information go online:



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