Getting Started

CrossFit RX offers a free intro class for anyone who is interested in exploring what CrossFit is all about. During the hour-long class, you will be instructed in the basics of CrossFit – why we do what we do and how we go about doing it. We will guide you through a workout and provide detailed instruction on some of the more common CrossFit movements. This is the perfect opportunity to discover what CrossFit has to offer without making any major commitments.

Intro classes are offered on an appointment-only basis. Let us know what times will work for you, and we will do our best to accommodate!

One on One Fundamental

What: After completion of an introductory workout, all of our members meet with a coach before training in classes.  This allows us the opportunity to talk with you individually about nutrition, goals, learn some of the more technical olympic lifts and ensure that you feel comfortable before training with other athletes.

Who: Everyone interested in training at CFRX.

Where:  At CFRX, 328-C Mell Avenue, Atlanta, GA.

When:  Times and Dates that work for you and your coach.

How Many Sessions:  4 definite fundamental sessions. More sessions may be required based on the coaches evaluation of the athlete.

Cost:  $45/60 min. session

Graduating: Based on coaches assessment.

Skills Class

CrossFit involves many exercises that demand both practice and professional coaching to learn and perform safely. It is of paramount importance to understand and practice good technique and form mechanics before ramping up the intensity. Our Free Skills Classes provide members with the opportunity to work on different movements with a coach in a small-group setting. Each class covers one of the sections outlined below and lasts approximately one hour, concluding with a short workout.

Class 1: Squat basics and progressions
Class 2: Press basics and progressions
Class 3: Deadlift basics and progressions
Class 4: Olympic lifting (Snatch)
Class 5: Olympic lifting (Clean & Jerk)
Class 6: Gymnastic basics and progressions
Class 7: Monostructural movement review (running, rowing, jumping, etc.)
Class 8: Miscellaneous CrossFit skills (What is a thruster anyway?)

Classes are recurring and take place every Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:30 PM. There is no additional charge to attend Skills Class and we encourage all levels of CrossFitter to join us!

:: NOTE: Skills Class attendance is Strongly encouraged for all new members.