Gazal modeling contest at Crossfit RX

Gazal Eyewear

Gazal modeling contest at Crossfit RX
Get the most likes on your modeling pic and win a free pair of Gazal Eyewear or Sunglasses!

1) Take a picture with the Gazal frames on while at Crossfit RX and post to either instagram or facebook account.
2) Add three quick tags
@Crossfit RX
@ Gazal Eyewear     (@gazal_eyewear for instagram)
@ Gazal & Crossfit Modeling Contest
3) Promote your picture and get likes!

Be creative! Get friends involved, have fun with pics and see who can drive the most excitement! Feel free to tie in workout or props, or the holiday season.  Group pictures can be good too, but only one winner!
1st Ten entries get 18K Gold Gazal Logo Chain
Open to everyone, not just crossfitters, but you must take your pic at Crossfit RX to win! (you don’t even have to workout, just stop by!)
Contest runs from December 12th at Crossfit Holiday Party until January 17th 2015! Person with the most likes wins! $300-$600 value

***At the end of the contest, message Gazal Eyewear a picture of the total likes you received on Instagram, Facebook, or email at by midnight on the 17th so we can get a total count!

Enjoy! and Happy Holidays!

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