Friday, September 27, 2013

Free Childcare @ RX
Free Childcare @ RX


10 Minutes: Learn/practice Turkish Get-Ups


“No Thrusters No Cry”
Push Jerk (135#/ 95#)
Bar Muscle-ups

NOTE: May sub jumping bar muscle ups or pull up/dip @ 1:1


“Abs on the Run”
150 Sit Ups, for time

NOTE: EMOM Sprint 100’ carrying at least 20# overhead (fyi gang…that’s 2 lengths of the gym floor)

10 thoughts on “Friday, September 27, 2013

    1. happened to me too…just refresh your page & it should correct.

      but hey, be ready for the “unknown & unknowable” right? 🙂

  1. What a WOD. What a week.
    No Thrusters No Cry 11:45 65#. Thanks to Niko for teaching me the jumping bar m.u. Just like being on the playground monkey bars. (yes, they had monkey bars when I was little. TV, too)
    Abs – 8:26
    Good job, Heather, on the bar muscle ups! Way to stick with it.

  2. Sue & Amy I missed you guys this morning @ 8:30am.
    But made it to the 4:30 class…and it killed me !
    Got to get my CARDIO back on !
    Will WOD tomorrow @ 10am !

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